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10 Most Common Issues of a Laptop Computer with Solution

common issues of laptop
Today’s discussion is about the common issues of laptop and solutions to these problems. Reading the details, you can fix issues with your laptop easily. Even if you can’t solve the problem with the laptop, you can at least understand where the problems may be.  The Common Issues of laptop with Solutions 1. Laptop is read more

Unique Digital Marketing Techniques for Digital Marketers

digital marketing techniques
Some Unique Digital Marketing Techniques In the second part of this article, I discussed the most used digital marketing strategies. Let’s get ideas on some other useful strategies of digital marketing. You can also promote your business or brand through the following unique digital marketing techniques: 1. Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is the active targeting read more

Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

digital marketing strategies
In my previous article on digital marketing, I’ve discussed some basic ideas of digital marketing. In this article, I’ll discuss various digital marketing strategies through which we can promote our business or brand using the internet. We can consider these as the fields, areas, sectors, or types of digital marketing also. The Best Digital Marketing read more

Basic Ideas on Digital Marketing for the Beginners

basic ideas on digital marketing
Introduction We all know that today’s age is digital.  The number of computer and smartphone users is growing very fast in today’s world. At the same time, the number of internet users is also increasing. The number of social media users is also growing rapidly. Advertising is done mainly where there are more customers. So read more

Freelancing: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginners

At present, the internet has a great influence on human life. People are now using the internet most of the hours a day. If you have an internet connection on your devices like computers, smartphones, or tabs; you can apply various strategies to make money online. There are many ways of earning from home using read more

Laptop Buying Guide: 15 Essential Tips | How to Select a Perfect Laptop

How to select a perfect laptop
A laptop is a portable computer that is used for different purposes. From research to watching movies, listening to music, drawing pictures, programming, graphics design, video editing, animation, gaming, etc. everything can be performed through a laptop. That means this device is needed to do almost everything in real life. Therefore, before buying a new read more

Overheating of Smartphone| Reasons and Solutions

overheating of smartphone
Today we will discuss the causes of overheating of smartphone and the ways to prevent this issue. The heating of a Smart Android Mobile Phone is a normal issue since every electronic device gets hot for various reasons. It is a property of an electronic device, and the mobile phone is also not an exception. Different read more

Xiaomi Under-Display Camera Technology – Beginning of a new era for Smartphone World

xiaomi under-display camera technology
The next major challenge in the market for smartphones will be the Xiaomi under-display camera technology. Because of the enormous visual enhancement that the technology offers on smartphones, manufacturers are trying very hard to improve under-screen cameras. Smartphone displays would have no glitches upfront without a notch or punch hole at the end, providing a read more

Payoneer card transactions

Payoneer card transactions
Payoneer prepaid MasterCard used in different countries has been discontinued. Because of that Payoneer card transactions are closed. Payoneer authorities have informed users about this through their blogs. After that it has become an alarming issue among most of the freelancers of the world as well as in Bangladesh. Payoneer is a very popular online read more

How to protect electronic devices from lightning

how to protect electronic devices from lightning
Every year during the monsoon season, our country gets a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Lightning is one of the horrors of infinite power during light rains and storms. Due to climate change, the levels of sulfur and nitrogen in the air have increased and so lightning strikes are happening frequently. There are more than read more
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