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Basic Ideas on Digital Marketing Strategies for the Beginners (Part-1)

  • Update Time : Monday, May 31, 2021
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Digital Marketing Strategies for the Beginners
Digital Marketing Strategies for the Beginners

Basic Ideas on Digital Marketing Strategies for the Beginners (Part-1). We all know that today's age is digital and if you don't know what digital marketing is then maybe you are far behind. So, you need to know about digital marketing in modern times.


 If you are a businessman, then knowing about online marketing will help you a lot. Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding skills of freelancing jobs also as it covers a large field of marketing skills. Today I’m discussing the basic ideas of digital marketing strategies. 

What Digital Marketing means:

‘Digital’ refers to an electronic technology that is accessed by a computer or some other electronic device that is linked to the Internet. And ‘Marketing’ involves encouraging the consumers in various ways or means to promote some company, product, service, or personal purpose. That means ‘Digital marketing’ refers to any form of marketing or advertising efforts or platform that may be used by an electronic user or the Internet directly. Digital Marketing is also known as ‘Online Marketing’ or ‘Internet Marketing’.


Marketing is the act of advertising or promoting any product or service. The purpose of promotion is to get people to buy the product you are promoting or to let people know about your business. Digital marketing is the use of any digital technology, primarily through the internet and other digital tools and electronic media, to advertise and promote any product or service. It is a force that enables us to market or promote any product or service to millions of people in no time at home. Beyond that, if you are looking for a customer for a product, online service, or offline business, you can get a ‘targeted customer’ at a much lower cost through digital marketing. 

Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing: 

In the past, people or companies used to show or promote an advertisement in a place where there is a large crowd of people. Advertisements were shown in places where people could read more such as Radio, TV or by the side of the road. They used many such advertising tools such as banners, posters, leaflets, etc.



But now, we can get the largest number of users on social media and on the Internet. So, nowadays if we have to advertise or promote a product or service to millions of people in a very short time, then we should forget the old rules of marketing and keep pace with digital marketing. By this, today all the small and big companies are marketing their products to their ‘targeted customers’ and expanding their own business day by day.

Importance of Learning Digital Marketing: 

You can get leverage to grow your business faster by learning about digital marketing. If you want to succeed in your business today, then digital marketing can be an important factor in your success. There are no days now when we would go to people’s houses or shops to market a product. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that these old marketing rules are no longer effective today. As well as wasting a lot of time in these processes, you also have to spend a lot of money. Other than that, we can’t promote our products or services to more people using this old marketing process. And this is where digital marketing comes in handy.

Digital Marketing Strategies for the Beginners

Usage of digital marketing:

Most of the major companies or organizations of the world are now using many digital marketing platforms or components to meet their objectives. Of these, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), E-mail marketing, online advertising (PPC), and owning a website are the best.


Using these ways or means today any company is promoting its business or product at a very low cost anywhere in the country and abroad and getting targeted customers through the internet.


The number of people using the internet today has increased a lot and its use will increase in the future also. People nowadays use the internet to look for something, watch videos, and pass time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. 


Today, people can’t live without the constant use of the Internet. So it’s a better opportunity or place for different companies or businesses to promote or market their products or services from the internet, where there is no restriction to reach the targeted customers for their businesses.


All these are made possible by the internet-based marketing method known as digital marketing. Simply, using the various media of digital marketing, you can connect with the targeted customers for your business from where you spend most of your time on the internet.


Using its various marketing tools such as email marketing, digital advertising (PPC), social media marketing, search engines, or blog/website you can create your own business brand too.

Digital Marketing Strategies for the Beginners

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

In today’s world of the internet and digital technology, if you are thinking of marketing your business or any product, it is very important for you to know about digital marketing. Because, compared to the usual old marketing media, there are many benefits or opportunities today in digital or online marketing.


Let’s learn about the benefits of digital marketing one by one below:


    1. Digital marketing is the best and most powerful means of marketing any brand,

         company, product, or service today.


    2. It is possible to take advantage of it at a much lower cost than general or old



    3. With digital marketing, you can target your targeted customers.


    4. You don’t have to go anywhere to market through this.


    5. You don’t have to hire any employees for this.


    6. The internet is now very accessible, so the cost is not so much.


    7. In a very short time you can promote or market your brand, business, or product

         to many people or consumers across the world through the internet.


    8. This media targets the targeted audience and gives good and profitable outcomes

          in much less time using many internet marketing channels together.


    9. Whether you want to sell a small product or build your own business and brand,

         this is possible in less time by digital marketing.


  10. Internet is the medium of this marketing, that is why it is very easy, fast, good,

         and profitable to spread your advertisement or product among the people without

         much effort.


Moreover, The number of computer and smartphone users is growing very fast in today’s world. At the same time, the number of internet users is also increasing. The number of social media users is also growing rapidly. Advertising is done where there are more customers. So digital marketing is now one of the main means of advertising, promoting, and selling products or services. Digital marketing is a little more complicated than traditional marketing. So the demand for digital marketers or digital marketing experts in the job market is also increasing at the same time.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing: 

Everything in the world has disadvantages along with advantages. Some of the disadvantages of digital marketing are:


1.           One must have proper knowledge and expertise to perform digital marketing successfully.


2.          Sometimes it’s so time consuming such as during optimization of online advertising campaigns and creating content for marketing.


3.          Any negative review or feedback about your brand, company, product, or service can be visible to your customers that can be challenging for the reputation of that business.


4.          Through digital marketing, you can reach a global audience. So you have to compete against competitors from the whole world.


5.          You must be careful about the security of customer data when collecting and 

               using it.


This is all about digital marketing and it’s a really effective way for today’s marketing. In this article, I’ve just highlighted the basic ideas on digital marketing. In the next part, I’ll briefly describe the various ways or means of digital marketing strategies and how to learn these. If you are interested in this topic just leave a comment. It’ll inspire me to write on this topic more descriptively step by step. Stay safe and connected with smritycomputer

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