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Freelancing: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginners

  • Update Time : Saturday, May 29, 2021
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Freelancing: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginners
A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginners

Freelancing: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginners. At present, the internet has a great influence on human life. People are now using the internet most of the hours a day. If you have an internet connection on your devices like computers, smartphones, or tabs; you can apply various strategies to make money online. There are many ways of earning from home using your internet connection. However, if you want to earn money through online works, you have to be careful about choosing the best platform for you.


Freelancing means working independently in online sectors from any corner of the world. It is the process of making money by completing and delivering any project that was contracted with clients from different countries through online platforms. 


Outsourcing is the process by which an individual or organization does its work by hiring freelancers. For example, when ‘People’ magazine hires a freelancer to write content, it is called outsourcing. This organization has outsourced here.


The person engaged in freelancing activities is called a Freelancer. Freelancers are generally ‘Self-employed’. They can work part-time or full-time in a day. They can be hired for the short time or long time projects and also hourly basis. 

Advantages of being a freelancer:

There are some advantages of doing freelancing works such as- 

1.   Freelancers can work free from any corner of the world as their wish.

2.   In freelancing, one can work at any hour of the day or night.

3.   Freelancers can select their works as per their choice. 

4.   Freelancers are their boss at work. 

5.   Freelancers can get job offers or work orders from clients of any country. Thus they can earn foreign currencies and bring revenue to their belonging countries. 

6.   Freelancers don’t have a limited amount of salary. They can earn money depending on  the quality and quantity of their works.

Freelancing Marketplaces: 

There are many ways to earn money online. But in some cases, you may face fraud. So you have to keep yourself away from such fraudulent works. There are some online platforms, websites, and resources that you can use to earn money online legally with your efficiency. Several websites or marketplaces offer freelance work opportunities based on the skills of different freelancers. There you have to open an account and create a professional profile. You also need to add your portfolio of any previous work and a sample of service. Then you have to apply or bid for the job offered by the employers that match your skills. The clients hire a freelancer contacting them through messages or ordering directly from their profile. Through some marketplaces, you can sell your products or services to the buyers of the whole world.

In the marketplaces, freelancers have to describe their working skills in detail so that buyers can communicate with them directly. These marketplaces include Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc. Based on your skills, you can earn 5 to 500 dollars or more per hour/per work from these sites depending on your expertise and job quality. 

Remember, these marketplaces will pay you only if they get the approval of the employer/buyer after completing the work. In this case, the employer can give a rating or review on the quality of work. These websites cut some commissions (around 20% or more) from the payments of the freelancers for their benefit. 

You should always remember that you should not bid for a job without having any skill on that task. Even you should not create an account on these marketplaces without acquiring much working knowledge and good communication skill in the English language. 

Essential skills to start freelancing works: 

You must be qualified for at least one or more working skills. So at first, you have to research various skills and choose one that will be suitable for you. Then start gathering knowledge on that skill and learn it properly until you become an expert on that skill. The most demanding skills are as follows- 

1. Digital Marketing including-

     a) Social Media Marketing,

     b) Email Marketing,

     c) Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

     d) Content or Blog Marketing,

     e) Video Marketing,

     f) Cost Per Action (CPA) or Affiliate Marketing, etc.;

2. Design Works including Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, UX/UI design, Banner Design, Creative Flyer Design, etc.

3. Virtual Assistance including Data Entry, File Conversion, Proof Reading, Medical Transcription, etc., and so on.

4. Trading including Forex, Binary Option, Cryptocurrency Trading, etc.

If you begin to work without learning any of these skills, you will not be able to get any job or complete any job perfectly. You also won’t achieve a good ranking in the marketplaces. If you cannot complete your orders properly and on time you will get a bad review from the buyers that can also lead your account to be banned from the marketplaces forever. Even it creates a bad impression on your country in the global marketplace.

Payment methods of freelancing marketplaces:

There are some online transaction sites through which you can receive online payments mostly in dollars or any other currencies. Most of the international online marketplaces use PayPal, Payoneer, Perfect Money, Neteller, etc. as their payment methods. 

Some marketplaces also pay directly into bank accounts through wire transfers, credit cards, visa cards, or local wallets. 

Points to consider before choosing freelancing as a career: 

As a beginner, you should be cautious before starting freelancing as a profession. Some significant points that must be considered are as follows: 

1.   You must have a computer (Desktop or Laptop) and an internet connection to start freelancing as a career and you have to have at least basic knowledge of operating a computer and browsing the internet. 

2.   You must research various freelancing marketplaces and the profiles of various top-rated freelancers there. Also, you have to research the best demanding jobs found in those marketplaces. You should have an overall idea (payment method, terms, and conditions, etc.) of the marketplaces in which you are interested to work. 

3.   Keep patience when you are acquiring your knowledge or skill and also during the working period. Just continue gathering knowledge more and more day by day and growing your working skills. 

4.   Do not trust any kind of lucrative online offers or new sites before justifying it properly because there are a huge amount of fake or fraudulent websites in the online sector. Do not expect to become a millionaire overnight without having expertise in any skills. If any website offers you like that then you should avoid that fraudulent site.

5.   Do not lose hope if you don’t get jobs. Enrich your skills more and more and try again and again. 

6.   Before bidding for a job, check the job details and the employer’s details carefully and think first whether you can do the job accurately in time or not. 

7.    Communicate with the clients, employers, or buyers in the appropriate English language. Be polite, formal, and professional during your conversation.

8.  Be confident and focus on only one or two sectors for earning money. Don’t waste time by keeping yourself engaged in several kinds of works simultaneously. Otherwise, you can’t be successful in any sector. 

9.   Do not waste time in PTC (Paid To Click) sites or apps that give you a lot of tasks in exchange for a very little amount of money. Moreover, almost all of these sites don’t pay money for a long time. Most of them are temporary and fraudulent sites. 

10. Work hard and try to follow successful freelancers. Be honest, hard-working, sincere and professional.  If you find this article helpful then please share this on your social networking sites and bookmark our website for more updates. Stay safe. 

If you find this article helpful then please share this on your social networking sites and bookmark our website for more updates. Stay safe. 

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